Standard library header <execution>

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This header is part of the algorithm library.

Defined in header <execution>
Defined in namespace execution
execution policy types
global execution policy objects
test whether a class represents an execution policy
(class template)

[edit] Synopsis

namespace std {
// execution policy type trait:
template<class T> struct is_execution_policy;
template<class T> constexpr bool is_execution_policy_v = is_execution_policy<T>::value;
namespace execution { 
// sequential execution policy:
class sequenced_policy;
// parallel execution policy:
class parallel_policy;
class parallel_unsequenced_p_policy;
// execution policy objects:
constexpr sequenced_policy seq{ /*unspecified*/ };
constexpr parallel_policy par{ /*unspecified*/ };
constexpr parallel_unsequenced_p_policy par_unseq{ /*unspecified*/ };